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Content Marketing for Your Myrtle Beach Business

Quality Content is King!

Content Marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to rank a website higher and is integral to the web marketing work we do for you. As the search engine algorithms continue to change we are seeing Social Signals becoming more and more important. Social Signals (Sharing, Facebook likes, Google+'s, Twitter tweets and Pinterest pins) are increasingly gaining influence over how your website ranks in the search engines. The SINGLE best way to increase your Social Signals is by creating high-quality and engaging content. Obsidian SEO Myrtle Beach creates this high-quality content for your website, which is then shared through the top social media channels. The end result is your social media following, reach and engagement all grow. Your company's reputation as a leader grows and this translates into more business for you.

Content Marketing Components

You receive a team of experienced writers to work for you. Every written piece is reviewed several times before being sent to you. This ensures that you receive a polished final draft that will surely surpass your expectations. We've outlined 12 aspects of effective content marketing:

  • Define Your Brand
  • Know Your Audience
  • Find the Right Outlets
  • Create a Social Strategy and Presence
  • Define Your Content Goals
  • Select the Right Topics
  • Audit Existing Content
  • Define Content Guidelines
  • Draft an Editorial Calendar
  • Find Talented Content Creators
  • Create Diverse, Timely, and Relevant Content
  • Publish and Analyze
SEO Content Marketing Components

SEO experts agree that high quality content is a huge factor in getting your website to the top of search results. Google rewards websites which frequently publish high quality content. Additionally, Google has begun to penalize websites with little or poor quality content. Using our service makes your website a content-rich resource that search engines will love!

Web Content Marketing

As a successful Myrtle Beach SEO Company, we know the key to having successful SEO and Social Media Marketing campaigns revolves around consistently creating engaging content that your readers will want to read and share! Publishing high quality and engaging content will get you more Tweets on Twitter, Likes on Facebook and +1's on Google. Easily have high-quality content generated for your social media campaigns and watch your social fan base grow!

Search Engine Optimization
Page one search engine placement on Google, Yahoo & Bing

Web Development
Specifically designed / coded for high search marketing performance

Local SEO
Beat local competitors with real-time enhanced listings

Responsive Web Design
100% Responsive for all mobile devices to perform high in search results