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Why Top Organic Search Engine Rankings Are SO Important:

Search Engine Optimization is by far THE BEST way to market your business through the Internet. There are numerous ways to create demand for products and services online, but search is the way this demand is most often filled. Organic search engine positions account for roughly 82% of "Search" clicks, with the remaining 18% of clicks going to display advertising like Google AdWords. HOWEVER, on average, 80% of businesses Internet marketing budgets are spent on display advertising...! This leaves a HUGE opportunity for businesses who know this and how backwards most companies Internet marketing budgets are. Since we started doing SEO in 2004, we have always advised clients to put MOST of their online marketing budget into organic SEO. There are numerous benefits to display advertising, but it should NEVER be the focus of your online ad spend, bottom line.

94% of search engine visitors view only the first page of search engine results and less than 5% of search users ever click page two of search engine results. The saying goes "If you want to bury a dead body on Google, put it on page three, because NO ONE WILL FIND IT." The following are approximate click through rates (These numbers can vary between user search terms):

  • 1st Position Clicks - 31.24%
  • 2nd Position Clicks - 14.04%
  • 3rd Position Clicks - 9.85%
  • 4th Position Clicks - 6.97%
  • 5th Position Clicks - 5.50%
  • 6 - 10 Position Clicks - 3.73%
  • Page 2 Clicks - 3.99%
  • Page 3 Clicks - 1.60%

The first three ORGANIC search engine positions get approximately 57% of ALL search engine traffic!!! This is where at least 80% of your Internet marketing budget should be placed. Not following the herd mentallity and putting 80% of your budget into display advertising!!!

Our suite of services consistently deliver top results for your search and social marketing needs. We're an award winning SEO Company in Myrtle Beach with a proven ability to increase visitors to your website. Click this link to see an example case study of our Internet marketing work. Our Internet marketing services use ethical search engine optimization, combined with Local SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Proper Planning, Coding & Structure = Your Site's SEO Foundation

Organic-SEO begins with proper planning. This is where we speak with you, roll up our sleeves and find out your business goals and resources. Together, we'll discover your online business efficiencies, bottle necks, strengths, weaknesses, analyze competition and identify key areas your company excels in. We'll then identify your most profitable website visitor demographics and create visitor profiles so we're able to target key buying triggers and build highly effective calls to action. Visitor profiles are used for keyword research, which then takes us into the next aspect...

Most Search Engine Users Click Organic Results

Content Is King for Search, Period!

Whether you want more leads, sell more products, sell more advertising or all of the above, quality content is what makes a websites page worthy of high search positions. The best website foundation in the world won't rank at all, if the sites pages don't contain high quality content. From an Organic-SEO perspective, all high-quality content must contain two attributes. It must supply a demand to viewers and it must make viewers want to link to it / share it through social media.

High Quality Content

Quality Content Supplies a Demand

Great content does the best job at supplying the largest demand. Content can be about anything, but it must be professionally written, engaging and able to satisfy more of a demand than your competitors. At the core of our Search Optimization process is our content marketing services.

Quality Content Gets Links and Shares

From an Internet Marketing perspective, there is no difference between the best or worst content on the Internet, if viewers don't link to it or share it through social media. Our writers will produce quality content, which our social media team members will use to increase social engagement, social likes, social shares and other "social signals."

Social Media Likes and Shares

On Page Optimization

We use over 150 on-page search factors to improve optimization of your site, pages, code and content. There are constantly new techniques and technology, which if adopted earlier than your competition, will give you a big edge when it comes to who ranks higher for your keywords. For instance using Rich Snippets and Structured Data (microdata, microformats, RDFa, and Data Highlighter) markup for improved search engine listings, that will help you stand out from competitors.

Structured Search Engine Optimization

Off Page Optimization

In addition to the on-page optimization, we perform off-page optimization of your website. For instance using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up loading of your website across a country, or to other countries. Or testing your "Page Speed" for improvement. Google states "Fast and optimized pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions."

Complete Search Engine Optimization

As an expert search optimization Company, we know these are only a few of the factors, out of hundreds taken into consideration by search engines to determine where a website ranks .vs its competition. Content Marketing is combined with Social Media to further extend the visibility of your business services. You need an Internet Marketing Company who not only understands how to do all this, but is able to demonstrate its ability to achieve top search engine placement. We're happy to schedule a consultation, share actual SERP (Search Engine Results Page) examples and client references. Additionally, there is no risk in working with us. We do not require any long-term contracts or commitments. Our services work on a month to month basis.

Search Engine Optimization
Page one search engine placement on Google, Yahoo & Bing

Web Development
Specifically designed / coded for high search marketing performance

Local SEO
Beat local competitors with real-time enhanced listings

Responsive Web Design
100% Responsive for all mobile devices to perform high in search results