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Facebook Marketing for Your Business

"Laser Target" Customers on Facebook with Super Targeted Ads

Facebook Graph Search Targeting
  • Reach ONLY your EXACT audience through Graph Search Targeting
  • Only target the most passionate page fans
  • Extract active people from groups of your niche
  • Get the users who like particular posts
  • Reach people before they attend an event
  • Extract users email addresses
  • Invite interested users to like your Facebook page and grow YOUR AUDIENCE
  • Directly contact POPULAR USERS in your niche
  • Completely compliant with Facebook TOS
Facebook Graph Search

Our "Facebook Graph Search" service allows us to search on a TOTALLY GRANULAR level to reach customers who are actively engaging with products or services just like yours. For instance, we're able to locate "People who like Apple products, like in South Carolina, between the ages of..." With this information we're able to create HIGHLY TARGETED campaigns reaching only ACTIVE Facebook users. This lowers your advertising costs, narrows your audience to active customers recently interested in products or services like yours, significantly increases your conversion rates and makes your advertising dollars go MUCH further.

Target Group Members

Target Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups gather large numbers of people interested in specific subjects, like Apple products, camping, computers, hiking, dining out etc. Members of groups related to your niche are SIGNIFICANTLY more interested in your products or services than the general Facebook population. Now you can target all the members in specific groups, or the most active or most recently active ones.

Reach Event Attendees

Facebook Event Attendees

Surprise event attendees with personalized ads. Targeting people before they attend an event allows you to be even more specific with your ads. For instance, users who are attending an upcoming concert in SC, you could send them targeted ads selling T-shirts related to the upcoming concert. Or the next iPhone model debut, you could send them targeted ads featuring new cases for the phones they are about to buy. Or attendees to an upcoming event like the "X" games could be shown ads related to snow boarding and skiing products. The possibilities are endless.

Target Users who Like Specific Posts

Facebook Users Like Specific Posts

Precision is absolutely the key. If they like related posts, they will engage your offers SIGNIFICANTLY more than if the same ads were shown to the general Facebook population. We can choose the most popular posts that are related to your products, offers or services, extract the users who liked those posts and directly target them in your ads. We will also invite them to Like your page free with our service, thus growing your brand awareness even faster.

Serve Super Targeted Ads

Targeted Facebook Ads

Accuracy means more conversions and less of your money spent to get them. Showing your ads to the general Facebook population will bring a MUCH lower conversion rate. Our super targeted ads reach only the most active, most passionate page fans, group members, event attendees, post likes or any other source and we can target those audiences on Facebook with Facebook Ads.

Grow Your Page Audience

Get Facebook Likes

Offered with our Targeted Facebook Ad service, is the option to extract user email addresses. These email addresses can be used to invite those users to like your Facebook page, thus further growing your brand awareness and marketing reach.

Automatic Audience Alerts

Facebook Alerts

Our service also monitors and automatically detects when an audience is outdated or has new users. Weekly audience summaries are provided, giving fresh and actionable metrics. Keeping audience data fresh and updated translates to higher ROI lasting for longer periods of time.

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