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Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Obsidian SEO Myrtle Beach, a Myrtle Beach mobile website design company, builds custom one-of-a-kind responsive mobile friendly websites. Your companies branding is professionally integrated into a mobile friendly site layout and the code fully setup for SEO.

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Website Design

Our Myrtle Beach website design team provides you with the highest quality work. This is because we fully understand that your business depends on your website. Your website is your digital business card and often times is the first thing a prospect sees before ever having direct contact with your company. Your website needs to attract new customers into contacting your company.

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We research your company, its resources, your competition and vertical. We then come back to you with an original, high-quality website that presents your business with all the professionalism you would expect for yourself.

Mobile Friendly / Responsive Web Design

Why Do You Need a Mobile Friendly / Responsive Web Design?

Being a Responsive / Mobile Friendly Web Design Company, we know browser equipped mobile devices already outnumber traditional computers. Gartner projects mobile phones to become people's primary browsing device by 2017. Mobile Friendly is the new standard in web design. Driven by the rapidly growing use of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, mobile-friendliness allows websites to adjust automatically to different screen sizes or the orientation of the device. Mobile Friendly websites are flexible, fluid and adaptive, ensuring your business looks professional no matter what device it is being viewed on..

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Mobile Compatibility

Google announced in June of 2012 that is was standing behind responsive website design being the recommended format for mobile delivery. Not only does your website needs to present what your customers are looking for precisely where and when they are looking for it, your website now needs to do this for a multitude of screen sizes too. By understanding how your website visitors interact, looking for your products and services on different devices, we make you better able to convert your visitors into sales, leads, and revenue.

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Mobile / Responsive is SEO Friendly and Google Recommends It

We all know Google is the king of the search engines. So it would be wise to pay attention to any technology format Google recommends for mobile delivery. Google not only recommends RWD for mobile users, but actually ranks mobile-optimized sites higher when search queries are done with a mobile device. This is true even more when local searches are performed on a mobile device. Additionally in April 2017, Google announced it was using mobile-friendliness as a significant metric to determine where a website shows up in its rankings of websites.

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One URL, One Website

RWD allows you to have one website that fluidly adjusts across devices, thus avoiding multiple versions of your website, which would create duplicate content penalties from search engines. Mobile websites have their own URL, typically or etc. This creates a duplicate version of your website needing to be crawled and indexed by Google and most website owners are not going to want to create all new, original content for a second website for mobile devices. RWD allows a website to use one URL and one set of files and pages.

Mobile Friendly Can Reduce High Bounce Rates

High bounce rates could become a big problem if the mobile site is not working effectively for your mobile users. Many mobile websites offer stripped down content, that is very dissimilar to the normal website. This can turn off users and send them to other more mobile friendly websites. Google will interpret this high bounce rate as a signal the website is not offering relevant, quality content to its visitors, which will very likely end up with the main site seeing a drop in rankings. It will appear to Google that visitors are quickly leaving the site because the information is not relevant to the search queries.

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Top Benefits of RWD

  • Mobile devices will overtake desktops by 2017
  • Automatically adjusts to different screens sizes and device orientation
  • Google recommends it
  • Mobile Friendly sites rank higher on mobile devices
  • Mobile Friendly sites rank even higher for local search results
  • Maintains Page / Domain Authority, Backlinks and social shares
  • One URL, one website
  • Can reduce high bounce rates
  • Easier to navigate than non-responsive sites
  • Calls to action will stand out, effectively making you better able to convert your visitors into sales, leads, and revenue
  • Higher website visitor retention, particularly when it comes to mobile visitors

Responsive Web Design, Web Development and Myrtle Beach SEO all excel when the three work together in the planning and production phases. Building a website and then setting out to optimize it for search can cause rework in both the design and the development of the site. Nobody wants to take steps backwards in time and budget when they can be easily avoided. When the opportunity arises to design or redesign your website, make sure you give Mobile Friendliness a long thought during the planning phase. Without it, you could be missing a key ingredient in your long term online success.

Mobile Web Designs

Provide Customers With Key Information on Their Mobile Devices

Mobile website Design

We take care of everything you need for a mobile website. Even if you don't have a desktop website, we're able to use your Facebook or other social media pages to create an exceptional mobile website. Though we do usually suggest responsive website designs, there are many benefits to having a mobile only version too if done correctly. Some of benefits of a mobile version are "Click to call" "Get directions" or to present a menu or overview of services offered.

Mobile Website Features

  • Works on ALL smart phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Windows mobile devices)
  • Click to Call - Add a Click to Call button to your mobile website and customers can easily contact you with only the push of a button
  • Mobile Maps - Add a mobile map button making it easy for customers to find your location with step by step directions
  • Auto Sync - Our mobile version of your website will automatically update your text, images and content in real time. There is nothing you have to do to keep your mobile website up to date.
  • Mobile Analytics - Our mobile analytics easily integrate into Google Analytics and provides you with in depth analysis of your mobile website visitors.
  • Google AdSense - Integrate your Google AdSense account into your mobile website and make money off your mobile website visitors.
  • Social Media - Add a share button to link your mobile site to Facebook, show videos from your YouTube account, display reviews from Yelp or include your businesses Twitter feed on your mobile website.
  • Your new mobile website will update automatically anytime changes are made to your desktop website.
  • Your desktop website is never affected by its mobile website counterpart.
  • Our mobile website services are incredibly simple. $100 to create your mobile website & $15 / month to host it.
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