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Web Development for Your Myrtle Beach Business

It starts with a consultation. Most typical marketers are too interested in "Making the sale" that they forget to really listen and invest the time needed to understand your projects scope. That's why the first step in our process is consulting with you. This is where we roll up our sleeves and get to really understand your company's goals while beginning to assess business resources, current bottle-necks and opportunities for greater efficiency.

From simple Wordpress blogs to fully customized deployments, you've found the company who can get it done. Obsidian SEO Myrtle Beach combines expertise in information architecture, UI / UX (User interface / user experience), web development / design and Internet marketing. This combination is strategically aligned with your needs, vision & goals. Not only does our website need to present what your customers are looking for precisely where and when they are looking for it, but your business needs to handle increased traffic thus performing with greater efficiency. It makes little sense to triple a companies web traffic, if current bottlenecks in processing customer information are not corrected as well. We know how to do this done for you.

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Our methodology and project timeliness set forward a productive, transparent process. .We work with you throughout every phase from our initial meeting to concept then completion. This assures you will receive the best solution in a very cost effective, efficient and timely process. Through helping you understand how your visitors are looking for your products and services, we provide you with the best possible web solution to convert your visitors into sales, leads, and revenue.

We focus on creating user-centric web interfaces. Our expert team of UI / UX designers & programmers combine best practices with our insightful solutions, providing your websites users, as well as back-end administrative staff, an efficient experience catered directly to your unique goals & brand.

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User-Centered Approach

We specialize in creating user-centric UI's (user interfaces). You're concept and design requirements are developed with on-going collaboration with you. This translates into an intuitive & streamlined UI for them and an extremely easy to use management console for you.

Information Architecture (IA)

Information Architecture is our first step in building your user-centered UI. The IA process begins by thoroughly organizing your needs, vision & goals. We then build a sitemap of your information and begin to plan the architecture of your UI & management consoles, as well as URL / page structures for future SEO / Social Media. Primary user actions are developed, click flow paths are developed, calls to action identified and conversion funnels are built into the sitemap. Once the sitemap is completed, we continue by building "Wire-frames" of your IA. These wire-frames facilitate a skeletal structure of your sitemap and allow for building a hierarchy of your future UI & management console. Link strategies / content "Silo's" are developed during this phase.

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Design / Content Development

Once the IA stage is completed, the wire-frame is then turned into a design concept. Primary user actions, click flow paths, calls to action and conversion funnels are aligned with visual elements of your future website design. Page content development is started as an outline during this stage.


As the design process is started, our programming team begins to develop the code that will bring life to the design. We use ONLY best practice methodologies & software in developing your UI & management console. A development site is setup where you are able to view the features & website functions as they are being delivered. This allows us to further ensure the Web Development process is fully meeting your needs, vision & goals. Once testing is completed, we will schedule bringing your website live and integrate the Internet marketing work, building on the site structure in place.

No matter the complexity of your project, you've found the right team to help you get it done.

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